Installation Process

Since all backyards are not the same each pool site has its own characteristics.

Our approach to these characteristics varies accordingly but the overall process remains the same.

Overview_Install 1
Large open areas allow installation procedures to progress rapidly.


helicopter needing cropped=top quality
Unique situations have their effects on these procedures.


A typical installation process allows as follows   

Day 1Install process details pict. 3

  • delivery of the pool and all equipment
  • excavation and rough-in
  • grade yard
  • pool and filter placement
  • begin filling the pool with water







Overview_INstall 4Day 2 & 3

  • finish filling the pool with water
  • address plumbing & electrical needs
  • first vacuuming of the pool
  • first water treatment is applied





Overview_Install 5Day 4

  • county building inspection
  • set concrete forms








Overview_Install 7Day 5

  • second vacuuming of the pool
  • pour concrete decking
  • replace fencing (if required)






Overview_Install 9Day 6

  • final yard grading
  • final pool vacuuming
  • pool care demonstration
  • water treatment if required
  • delivery of written pool care instructions






Our installation process is flexible and accommodating for project managers, designers, and home builders. Our schedule can be adjusted appropriately.

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